Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's all I could think of...

Hi there,

Just finished week 2 and it's hard to believe it's already been that long. I haven't had any withdrawls and I honestly could care less that I don't have facebook at my fingertips. I made another decision that I will not be putting Facebook back on my phone after this month (your welcome Mrs. Betts ;)), and that the computer will stay away until the kids are either in bed or it's a rainy day.

This past weekend we went to Maine for a weekend away, and we went as long as we could in the van to turn on the movie. But once little Miss Katya started screaming I took the easy way out and put on a movie. But the kids knew they could only watch it once, the boys understood this well since they are older but Katya has no idea what I am talking about. So she watched her movie and then we sang as many nursery rhymes that I could think of. Plus the new game I won was perfect for the boys and they were able to play it on the drive down to Portland.

Our tv in our hotel room didn't get turned on once and the kids didn't once ask for it to be turned out, I was so proud of them.

Not really sure what else I'm suppose to say cause nothing really isn't going on except that I am spending so much time with my family and I love every minute of it even when I am frustrated. I thought I would get a lot of reading done and that my house would be spotless, but I haven't finished a book nor done an extra cleaning that I usually do cause the kids tucker me out, so when they go to bed, you better believe I go right after them.

So I guess that's all, maybe next time I'll have something a little more interesting to say :)

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