Friday, June 22, 2012


I am having so much fun with this month. Seriously it's like a game for me to see just how much stuff I can remove from my house, you should see the pile we have going on downstairs. At first I was like okay let's just get rid of 7 things a day but after seeing how much nicer the rooms look when they are clutter free the days to get to rid of more just can't come fast enough.Even the kids are doing so amazingly well with giving away their things. No fights about having to get rid of toys, I will admit though I do stray them away from the books. My family loves books, I'm sure we have well over 500 books and that's only kids books, Chris and I I'm sure have a collection of over 100 between the two of us. But there has been a few where they made valid points about some books and why we shouldn't keep them.

The problem we ran into early on is, what do we do about garage saling. Yes this a weakness for my family, I would probably more so say for me and the boys. We just can't beat those great deals out there. But we all agreed on a rule, if we buy something we must get rid of something else in the house. Works out great.

Here comes my next problem. I am cheap person, I love deals and hate to pay full price for things especially when I know they are going to go on sale. Food is the biggest thing for me. If I can find a great deal on food then it was well worth the wait. I remember once shopping with my mom and I was looking at the discount food and she commented how much I was like my father. Well I guess I can thank him now for teaching me well,haha. But now I feel like I am becoming an even cheaper person. I don't want to pay full price for anything. I know somethings I just have to suck it up and do it, but I just planned out a new project for myself and thought I wonder if it's possible to create this thing free. Not likely, but you better believe I am going to try, so hopefully I will have people out there that can help me. Wink wink to all my friends out there. And I'll be doing my best at shopping around for the items I need.

Well I'm sure you all hear my excited of how much fun I am having this month, I just might not want it to end.

Have you been decluttering your house???

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Month 3 Crazy!!!

Just five days into Month 3 and I have gone crazy. At first I was thinking how hard this was going to day, but this morning I looked into Katya's room and all the babies finally made me realize we have way too much stuff. So with the help of Katya we now have a spot for everything in her room that doesnt involve being on the floor. Giving away some of her baby stuff was much easier than I thought. I thought I was going to have to deal with the meltdown mode. Phew missed that one. So after that I looked into her room from the doorway and it inspired me to purge. So next I started on my room. I want an organized house and first I must start with getting rid of all this STUFF!!! Plus some ideas are brewing in the Orlesky household ;)

I'm hoping that I can somehome convince the boys to get on board and really clean out their room, but I'm sure that's more of wishful thinking.

Now that I think of it, I should have really take some before and after pics.

Well that's just a quick little update. I would also like to thank all of you who continue to encourage me and read this blog. Means the world to me to know that people are cheering me on.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Month 3- Possessions

"It is better to be godly and have little than to be evil and rich." Psalm 37:16

7:15am I wake up to hear the tv already turned on and to see my son watching it. *sigh* Did you really miss the tv that much? I'm guessing so. Yesterday was our last day of very limited technology, and I have to say I am pretty proud of my family. I will admit that my last week was awful for texting, but it was really only to 2 people. One of them is my little sister who I have a hard time ignoring, the things she tells me makes me laugh and be thankful that I am in my late twenties,haha. No offense baby sis. And the other one is one of my go to girls and I seriously couldn't imagine not having her in my life,so sometimes I just had to tell her stuff.

Went onto facebook this morning, and when people said I wasn't missing much they weren't lying. Decided that anytime I see something completely useless, it will just be clicked away. I don't care what game you are playing!!! But I was happy to see that one of my girlfriends shared with rest of us today that she had her baby girl,glad I didn't miss that update. Congrats April!!!

Anyways, enough with Month 2... now onto Month 3. Possessions. Gulp. Get rid of 7 things a day. My house is going to be empty by the time we are done. HAHA I joke, we are pretty much hoarders, and Im pretty sure I'm going to have to cut out garage sales for the next month. I made a list of which room we will go through in the next 30 days and who will pick stuff each day. Kids are going to throw a fit when it comes to their rooms. It's actually where I make them keep there most favorite things, so it's going to be toughy for them.

Chris and I are actually quite excited for this month, I am pretty sure we complain everyday about how much junk we have. Today started with Chris in our bedroom and the first thing gone from our room is??? The television!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Here's a challenge for you, since I started today, why don't you??? Maybe you can't imagine doing 7 things a day, but even 1 item a day for the 7 days of the week for a month would be a great start, or 7 things a day for a week. Not sure what to do with all the stuff. Have a garage sale or if your in the Fredericton area bring it to Bibles for Missions. Or maybe you know of someone who is in need of it. Just get rid of it!!!

I'm happy to be back, but like I've said before, I'll definetly choose my family over technology.

Friday, June 1, 2012

7 Days to go

It's been three weeks since I have been very limited to my technology and I am having mixed emotions about next week coming. I learned yesterday how fast the world of the technology is changing. In the three weeks I have been off facebook apparently there has been changes made. I was listening to the one radio station I allowed my family to listen to and they were talking about how now you can see the audience percentage of who looks at your posts and such, and something about making a movie on your timeline??? I was kind of listening to it but the distraction of the kids in the back seat were making it difficult to hear.

I think the one thing I miss about not using the computer is all the great ideas that people come up with that and they kindly share to the world so we can use. I tried the library but I am not a browser type, so looking at the many books is far to overwhelming for me. I like the convenience of looking on the computer,seeing a picture of a craft or food and thinking "Hey that looks like fun, or that looks good." and then just doing it.

I don't miss facebook. I mean it sucks that there are things I know my close friends are talking about and I can't see it, but I guess if it's really that important they would call me...right??? But the best part of not being on there is not having to see people's statuses that are so ridiculous and shouldn't even be on there in the first place. So note to self... I will NOT write a status anymore that has no importance. You will not read about what I am eating anymore, you will not read about the silly things my kids did that made me laugh, I'll save that for when we actually talk in real people should do.You will not know where I am going and who I am going with.  I think I'll just ask questions when I need a quick answer, I'll share what's going in the world and the things I think you should know about. I'll comfort you with God's word, that's right you read it. Call it what you want, but if His words can comfort me, how can I keep them to myself, when it could possibly comfort someone else in my life.

In the past three weeks, I have learned what a blessing God has given me. I have an AMAZING husband who I fall in love with more everyday. How is that possible? Because I WORK at it!!! Having a good marriage doesn't just come naturally, I can't just expect everything to come to me the way I want it. Though somedays that would be great, it's just not going to happen. I also have someone pretty awesome kids that God blessed me with. I have Ethan who has some great patience and is so full of love and has no issues showing emotions. Then there is Cohen, who never stops moving, has no issues expressing himself and just never gives up. And then there is Katya, who would attach herself to my hip if I let her, loves cuddles and is always there to comfort her brothers when they are hurt.

So from now on I am definetly going to choose family time over computer time :)