Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I have a voice.

I can use it.

You have a voice.

You can use it.

He has a voice.

He can use it.... but for him the chances are no one will hear it.


We give him that chance.

I live in Haiti and so does he. You reading this might live in Canada and it is my job to use my voice so he can be heard and you have to be that person that listens.

I work with so many teens and even young children who are unable to attend school for many different reasons. Their chance to go to school is taken away from them all because they don't have the money to attend. I listen to their dreams for life but soon those dreams will fade.

I have to use my voice for him, you have to use your voice for him, we have to use our voices so he can use his and knows it is just as important.

Here are two brothers that need sponsoring. They need it so they can go to school, they need it so they can receive a hot meal that just might be their only meal today, they need it so they know they are not forgotten. For $39/mth you are keeping dreams alive. Visit us today at