Thursday, February 5, 2015

When Problems Are Good!

Normally when people have problems usually causes us to stress. We can't imagine a problem being a good thing. How could having a problem possibly be a good thing? But sometimes  having a problem means we are doing something right.

Currently we have a problem, but we know it's a good problem. As part of our sponsorship program through Boaz Ministries we have additional tutoring for our students. We want them to be able to have that one on one time with a tutor to work on homework and better understand what they are learning in school. For the last couple of months we have being holding our tutoring class in the back house behind where we live. It has been great for us and has worked well. Over the last couple of months we have gone from 1 student to 15 students. With the house being about 15 minutes away from where the students live our transportation is becoming more difficult to transport the students to and from class. We needed a new place. Somewhere closer to home for the students where they can walk to and from class.

Here we have a house that has been offered to us to use for the year. It is right in the community where our students come from so no more worries on how to get our students to class. For us to have access to this house we need raise $1000 to pay for rent and be able to buy new desks and chairs for students. We are praying to have this house ready for next week and we need your help. If you can make a donation today to help us cover the cost please visit
Do small things with great love -Mother Teresa