Friday, December 27, 2013

If not us who will be like Jesus To the least of these

It's been 6 days since leaving Haiti and today was the first day that I actually allowed myself to feel the emotions I have been bottling up inside. This has been my third trip to Haiti, all equally important but this time, it was different. My eyes saw things you would only see on t.v. My ears heard things you may not believe and my heart and head were filled with so much more. I wish I had the time to write it all out but reading it you probably wouldn't understand the emotion I am feeling.

In no way I am writing this to make anyone feel guilty, but after seeing and experiences what I did the week I was in Haiti how can I not share it with everyone. It's part of my ministry to share with others so they too can be involved or how their involvement is having an impact in the lives of others.

There were many different moments on my trip that I could sit here and write about, but there is only one that I will share right now. The others I would LOVE to share and maybe you want to hear about them, let me know, I would love to sit and share with you.

On Wednesday December 18th, I went back to the place that I continued to tell myself and others around me I would never return to. I tried my hardest to think of excuses not to go, but nothing seemed reasonable, so off I went with my team. I felt ill as we drove and wondered why of all places it had to be this orphanage that we returned to.

I was not prepared for it, but can you really be prepared for something that you have no idea what to expect? During our visit there we learned that this orphanage no longer has sponsorship, which means they have no money to buy food or supplies for the children or the staff. This did not sit well with many of us on the team and many of us felt afterwards that something had to be done. We had gone to Haiti knowing we would buy food for one village but never knew that we would add an orphanage. That night we put it out on facebook that we wanted to raise $1000 to buy food for both places. We had people step up and give and what an amazing blessing it was. It was incredible to go back to these places and deliver food and know that God will provide.

As we dropped off food to the orphanage we went into the room where they stored their food and on their shelves sat 12 cans of beans. 12 cans of beans to feed 100 children. Is that even enough for one meal? But with the love of Lord he provided these children with 2 weeks worth of food. Usually I try to control my tears but this was a miracle, a miracle I just witnessed with my own two eyes. It was a beautiful sight and I allowed myself to cry with tears of happiness.

Today though I sit, I sit and think that one week is almost over since delivering this food which means there is only one week left of food. I am having a hard time looking around at all this stuff in my house. These children don't want or need all this stuff, what they want is food in their bellies. They need diapers, baby wipes, soap to keep their clothes clean.

I may be crazy but I believe that God is asking me along with others to raise $2000 so that when next week ends the food is not gone. Will you be a part of this ministry and consider giving? This orphanage will be a part of our ministry in Haiti and I am so excited see what God has planned for us, them and you!!!