Saturday, October 13, 2012

Month Seven

5 days into Month Seven and I'm sure I've prayed more in the last five days then I have all my life. This month I am focusing on stress which leads me to pray seven times a day. As of right now I pray at the following hours 6:45am, 9am,12pm,2pm,6pm,9pm, and 12am(or whenever my eyes open in the middle of the night because they do EVERY night). Do I remember this everyday? No. Have I started setting my alarm to remind me?Yes. Am I trying really hard? YES.

Prayer has always been something really hard for me to do. I feel awkward and unqualified. Yes I just said I feel like I'm not qualified enough to pray. I listen to some people pray and I think "WOW, they have got it. Where do they come up with these words? I want to talk to God like that." But then I'm pretty sure that even though I may not use smart words God is so happy that I am talking to Him. Even though I'm only five days into this, I realize just how important my prayer time is with Him.

These are times that I can talk to Him about anything. There are things where I need His guidance, I need His forgiveness, His grace. He is speaking to me. He has done some pretty amazing things in these past couple days where I have fallen to my knees and wept. Wept because He is listening to me, He wants to help me. He DOES want to take my worries and fears.

I pray that He continues to lead in the right direction. I'm not expecting it to be easy but I know He is with me.

I put this song on my facebook wall yesterday and it was shared with me at a perfect time, that I just had to share with you all.