Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Tale of Two Boys

Today I want to tell you about of two young men. They have so much in common yet at the same time their worlds are completely different. I won't mention names because one it's not necessary and two this is not their story but what I see in my eyes of their lives and then maybe one day I'll have the opportunity to share their stories but it won't be words from my mouth, it'll be from theirs.

So let's begin...

To make things easier I am going to name these two boys Haiti and Canada, for the reasons of where each of them live. They are both 19 years, work hard, like sports and they are both two very loving young men that I have the honor of knowing personally. But other than that's where the similarities end.

Canada grew up with two parents who took care of him, they fed him, they clothed him, they put him in activities and overall he got the chance and opportunity to be a child.

Haiti grew up with parents for a while, but he didn't always have food table, he wasn't always taken care of and he most certainly did not attend activities much alone did he attend school.

Canada is a 19 year old young man who has graduated highschool and is now working hard at preparing for his future. Maybe he is saving up for a house, maybe a brand new car, maybe even to take a trip. None of these are wrong in fact I think these are great goals to work towards especially when you are that young and there could be other things in life that he could be doing instead of thinking ahead. But you see, Haiti just isn't there and the reality is he may never finish school because of the lack of resources that have been available to him.

This year Haiti will attending grade 3. Imagine being that 19 year old walking into a classroom that could be possibly be filled with 8 year olds. My heart goes out to him and I wish and hope and pray that we can do more to help him. These are the moments that I need to step back and think what is the best way we can help him and what does his future look like. I believe with all my heart that Haiti can have just as much as an opportunity to a good life that Canada does.

God has designed our lives all to be different and being able to know two boys the same age but live in different countries has been an eye opener for me. I can see both their lives filled with joy and sadness and know that in the end God didn't bless one of them more than the other. He has a plan for each of their lives and He wants them to each live a life for Him.