Friday, June 1, 2012

7 Days to go

It's been three weeks since I have been very limited to my technology and I am having mixed emotions about next week coming. I learned yesterday how fast the world of the technology is changing. In the three weeks I have been off facebook apparently there has been changes made. I was listening to the one radio station I allowed my family to listen to and they were talking about how now you can see the audience percentage of who looks at your posts and such, and something about making a movie on your timeline??? I was kind of listening to it but the distraction of the kids in the back seat were making it difficult to hear.

I think the one thing I miss about not using the computer is all the great ideas that people come up with that and they kindly share to the world so we can use. I tried the library but I am not a browser type, so looking at the many books is far to overwhelming for me. I like the convenience of looking on the computer,seeing a picture of a craft or food and thinking "Hey that looks like fun, or that looks good." and then just doing it.

I don't miss facebook. I mean it sucks that there are things I know my close friends are talking about and I can't see it, but I guess if it's really that important they would call me...right??? But the best part of not being on there is not having to see people's statuses that are so ridiculous and shouldn't even be on there in the first place. So note to self... I will NOT write a status anymore that has no importance. You will not read about what I am eating anymore, you will not read about the silly things my kids did that made me laugh, I'll save that for when we actually talk in real people should do.You will not know where I am going and who I am going with.  I think I'll just ask questions when I need a quick answer, I'll share what's going in the world and the things I think you should know about. I'll comfort you with God's word, that's right you read it. Call it what you want, but if His words can comfort me, how can I keep them to myself, when it could possibly comfort someone else in my life.

In the past three weeks, I have learned what a blessing God has given me. I have an AMAZING husband who I fall in love with more everyday. How is that possible? Because I WORK at it!!! Having a good marriage doesn't just come naturally, I can't just expect everything to come to me the way I want it. Though somedays that would be great, it's just not going to happen. I also have someone pretty awesome kids that God blessed me with. I have Ethan who has some great patience and is so full of love and has no issues showing emotions. Then there is Cohen, who never stops moving, has no issues expressing himself and just never gives up. And then there is Katya, who would attach herself to my hip if I let her, loves cuddles and is always there to comfort her brothers when they are hurt.

So from now on I am definetly going to choose family time over computer time :)


  1. Awesome Jo!! and nothing important is going on, trust me;) also I agree 100% with your comments about facebook...and because of you I have cut back my time spent on there as well. Keep up the good work girly!! xo

  2. Sounds like your media fast has been very worth while. So pleased to hear how God is working in your life...I would say for sure that you are blessed!
    Keep trusting....God Bless, kathy