Friday, June 22, 2012


I am having so much fun with this month. Seriously it's like a game for me to see just how much stuff I can remove from my house, you should see the pile we have going on downstairs. At first I was like okay let's just get rid of 7 things a day but after seeing how much nicer the rooms look when they are clutter free the days to get to rid of more just can't come fast enough.Even the kids are doing so amazingly well with giving away their things. No fights about having to get rid of toys, I will admit though I do stray them away from the books. My family loves books, I'm sure we have well over 500 books and that's only kids books, Chris and I I'm sure have a collection of over 100 between the two of us. But there has been a few where they made valid points about some books and why we shouldn't keep them.

The problem we ran into early on is, what do we do about garage saling. Yes this a weakness for my family, I would probably more so say for me and the boys. We just can't beat those great deals out there. But we all agreed on a rule, if we buy something we must get rid of something else in the house. Works out great.

Here comes my next problem. I am cheap person, I love deals and hate to pay full price for things especially when I know they are going to go on sale. Food is the biggest thing for me. If I can find a great deal on food then it was well worth the wait. I remember once shopping with my mom and I was looking at the discount food and she commented how much I was like my father. Well I guess I can thank him now for teaching me well,haha. But now I feel like I am becoming an even cheaper person. I don't want to pay full price for anything. I know somethings I just have to suck it up and do it, but I just planned out a new project for myself and thought I wonder if it's possible to create this thing free. Not likely, but you better believe I am going to try, so hopefully I will have people out there that can help me. Wink wink to all my friends out there. And I'll be doing my best at shopping around for the items I need.

Well I'm sure you all hear my excited of how much fun I am having this month, I just might not want it to end.

Have you been decluttering your house???

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  1. Cheap, huh? Does that mean you're a penny-pinching, selfish tightwad or a thrifty, obedient steward? One of them is a good thing. :-) I can't stand paying full price for anything either, but it IS possible to fill your life with "good deals" -- which ends up being a bad deal. Been there. Done that. Decluttering and reclaiming my space as we speak... Enjoy cleaning out and passing on your "stuff." I'm sure there are people who will be very grateful for what you share.