Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3 Weeks Down!

Wow, I can't believe it's been three weeks already since I've started this journey. Since starting this journey some people have been really supportive and others have given me that look that they are thinking I'm crazy. But in just three weeks I have learned so much. I cherish the food I eat, I rarely throw any food away unless a piece doesn't look like it should be put in my mouth. Even when I feel full I don't dare throw the leftovers away. I think about all the people in this world who go hungry every day and don't have that luxury to throw food away knowing that any moment they can go back for more. I have never ate so much of the seven foods in my life, thank goodness I picked food I love otherwise I could have been in for a long ride. I've read more of the Bible then ever before, and am learning so much of God's word and what he wants for us.

Now my kids are on the countdown for Hashbrown casserole day. I told them I wouldn't make it for them unless I could enjoy it with them and they agreed to wait for mommy. How sweet is that? I like to think they thought of me when really they probably only agreed cause they know who does the cooking in the house.HAHA.

I am on my last week of collecting food for those in need and I am so grateful for the people who have donated. But I still have a week left so even if I can't come pick it up, bring it to your local food or somewhere you know people could use it. Doing something so small can have such a big meaning to it.

I've got my council member or members I should say for next month picked out and I am working on something that I pray will work out.

Here is my last week request from those of you reading this:
Pray for those who are hungry, pray for those who are working to feed the hungry,and pray that together we can make a difference.

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  1. I think I have got more "I think your crazy remarks!" then anything else. :-) This journey is so crazy. I only ended up doing my eating challenge for 3 weeks b/c I didn't start until after Easter - but I did give up my coffee for the full 30 days. That was tough. What a great idea to do a food drive with this challenge! That is awesome. Now you got me wanting some hash brown casserole. One more week.. you can do it!! from Tessy at http://divinemomentstlf.blogspot.com/