Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Start

Hi everyone :)

It's been awhile probably not as long as it seems since I've been on here. Actually it's been 8 days since I've actually been on a computer. Both our laptops just happen to become disfunctional two days before our Month 2 started.

Let me start off by letting you know how the ending of my Food month went. I have to say I am pretty proud of myself for doing it. And let me also say I haven't had chicken in 8 days, haha. The morning after I woke up feeling like I haven't ate in months so I started eating everything in sight. Literally. I couldn't eat enough, even when I felt full I still kept eating :s The next day was not pretty. I woke up sick to my stomach and was sick for the whole day. I felt really gross inside and I didn't want to eat anything.

I also realized how much junk affects my body. I've hitten the tired mode already cause of what I've been eating. I'm sure I've gained back the 9lbs I lost last month... yes I lost 9lbs last month. And I've got that bloated look back (Booooo). I think it's time that I really start paying attention to what I put in my body and start taking care of it. I always said I wouldn't give up junk food and I'm not so sure I will give it all up but I will definetly be limiting it and my family will also be doing it as well.

Now on to Month 2. NO or I should say limited technology. I'm on Day 6 and I WAS going strong until I started this dang computer and voila my homepage pops up and there is Jo-Anne's Facebook staring at her in the face. Ummm didn't I deactivate my account??? Appparently only on my phone, dang!!! I have 4 inbox messages and 9 notifications,BAH!!!. Ok I'll just sneak a peek at my inbox, ok two that I know don't need to be opened and oh what is this a inbox from Joy FM, oh what? I won game, woo-hoo!!! Okay now deactivate this thing, do you think I can find the button, nope. Now I gotta get someone to show me. So there you have it I cheated, but atleast Im getting a free game out of it :)

Surprisingly enough it's not as hard as I thought it would be to give this stuff up. Chris and I have decided to keep the television out of our room after this month, we never realized how much it took away from real us time. I made jars for the kids so everytime we don't have plans on a certain day we take turns picking from the jars. We have already found treasures at a thrift store, took silly photos to make an album and went to the library and tried a new recipe together. The kids are digging this, which makes it all worth it.

The last thing I want to add is that I seriously have some amazing friends. I went to two friends house last week and they were so kind to turn off all the electronics for my family and accomadate to us. And I had another friend send me a letter in the mail. They really are blessings in our lives :)

Oh wait and I forgot to let you all know that I delivered the food and we filled up FIVE boxes of food. How awesome is that??? So thank you to everyone who donated. I donated this food to Boaz Ministry which is an awesome organization. You should look them up.

Talk soon,

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  1. You are an inspiration! I'm sure Boaz loved your donation...good for you.
    Wishing you all the best!