Monday, July 9, 2012

Month 4- Spending

Today I start a new month and everytime I start to think about I cringe. So let me first start with how my Month 3 ended.

Month 3 for my family was an overall success.It was amazing to see how much stuff we had in our house and got rid of and I probably couldn't tell you what 90% of it was. The kids all did really good on their days when they had to look for things to get rid of. Super proud of them :) But just yesterday as I was putting stuff away in the kitchen, I had already found myself complaining about that we still have too much stuff. I don't understand why I allow these things to take space in my house if there isn't spot for them. It's because the little voice is saying you may need them someday Jo-Anne. Really? Couldn't I just get rid of them now and then if I ever do need them get them when the time comes? But then I think, wouldn't that be wasteful spending if I already have them and just keep them stored away? See this is how my head works. I overanalyze everything.

Now onto this coming month. Eeekkk, only shop at 7 different places for a whole month. Call me crazy but I actually start to feel a bit light headed thinking about. What if I choose the wrong places? What is my family going to for a whole month without spending money for our entertainment? Please understand this. When I think of family time and having fun, I think dollar signs!!! It's terrible I know.Time for this mamma to get creative. I have already decided that the kids will go get their CRA cards which will allow us to go to the outdoor base pool and swim for FREE!!! And it will allow us to go spend a day at Kingslanding for FREE with of course a picnic packed lunch. I can do this, I know I can. I just have to keep myself away from places that will call my name and tell me to shop. So basically I should lock myself up for the next month. Why oh why must I love to shop. It never occured to me how hard this month might be until

So you may be wondering where are my seven places of choosing. Here you go:

1) Sobeys-Everyone needs groceries
2) Sobeys Gasbar- We need gas to get around
3)Dollarama- I am dayhome provider, I need supplies
4) Costco- Need a place for cheap milk and eggs
5) Shoppers- This is where I do my coupon shopping on the day of 20x the points
6) Canadian Tire- Who knows when you might need tools.
7) Boston Pizza- It's Ethans birthday tomorrow and it's our tradition to go out for supper

There you go, now you know where I will be when I'm out shopping.

Have you thought about joining in? Pick 7 places to only shop or maybe cut out 7 places to go to for the next month, maybe you'll see a few extra dollars this month.

Well here my family goes...

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  1. You can do this! I probably shop less than 7 places a month, all the gets easier. Remember, you want to store treasures in heaven, not on earth! Will pray for you....