Sunday, June 8, 2014

To Where It All Began

I have decided that I am going to write a 3 post blog about our life in Haiti and where it is headed, but there are many people out there supporting us in so many different ways I thought it would be nice to go back in time and share how we ended up here. So let's go back in time.

Our story doesn't necessarily start in the summer of 2011 but it's the year where change started happening. Chris my husband went on his first mission trip to Mozambique and he came home and you could tell his outlook on life had changed and God was working on his heart. He started talking about moving to Africa and us being missionaries and I just kept looking at him like he was crazy and jokingly playing along with him and say "Yes, let's just sell everything we have and move." See at this time in my life I was planning for bigger things in my life. Our 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house was no longer big enough or new enough for me and I wanted more. So I started bringing Chris to house showings, talking to builders about getting a new house build for us and Chris being the kind man he is played along with me. I was consistent on wanting a new house, he wanted older and smaller if we did move. As months went on I started feel overwhelmed with life and it was time to simplify. I read a book called "7" by Jen Hatmaker and that was the start of how my outlook on life changed. As I read and decided to do my own 7 journey, things that use to matter no longer had value to me.

During this time I was also preparing for my first mission trip to Haiti. Now to be perfectly honest I was only going to say that I went on a missions trip, got to love on some children, and it have no affect on my life. But before this trip it was required that we volunteered locally. I was not thrilled about this idea but Chris was already volunteering with Boaz Ministries and I was already making desserts for their meals so I would just go with my dessert and be gone. Nothing in me wanted to do this, so as I drove that first day to their outreach site, I just remembering sitting in the car and asking God why he was making me do this. Well I left that day changed.

Fast forward a few months and I get notice that my trip to Haiti is cancelled. I am completely devastated. This was the second trip that I couldn't go on, maybe I just wasn't meant to go. Now fast forward a few more days and I am going on another missions trip to HAITI! How the trip and team coming together in a matter of weeks before leaving is a story on it's own, but God had big plans our team.

It's about landing time in Haiti and all I see are tents, and I decide right there that I made a big mistake by coming and I want to just stay on the plane and go right back home. I got off the plane, spent a life changing week and feeling God's presence in my life stronger than I ever had. It was clear at the end of the week that my family would be moving to Haiti. I didn't think it would be 11 months after going for the first time, but when it's God's timing you just go.

I wish I could tell you the whole story but I have so much more to share. So here was a glimpse of how we ended up in Haiti. Tomorrow I'll share with you about our life in Haiti so far, so stick around and enjoy.

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