Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Part 3: Announcement Time

I have been waiting all day to be able to write this blog and I am so thankful that we got power before supper today. For those of you who are reading this blog for the first time, go back two blog post and start there and then make your way to this one. Please bare with me as it may seem lengthy but just stick with me to the end :)

Back in September Chris and I came to Haiti to look for a house to live in and during our time here God gave me a vision and I shared with those of you who support and follow us. I would like to share that vision again before I get on with what I am wanting to announce.

I see a village, I see kids running, skipping, jumping. I see a beautiful green

soccer field, a cemented basketball court. I see a garden - a big garden, with lots

of fruits and vegetables. I watch as the adults work hard keeping the fresh food

alive that is providing for them and their children. I see smiles as the children get

ready to leave for school. It's an exciting time as for many this is the first time

they will go to school. They are so proud of their new uniforms and backpacks.
They are going to learn and they are so ready for it!

Yes, I see a home for them. They will have a bed, they will be fed, they will get to

finish school and yes, they will be able to keep their dreams alive.

They will know how worthy they are, how much God loves them and how He has

a plan for each and everyone of them.

I wish I had the right words at this moment after sharing this vision but I honestly feel like I am about to announce to the world that I pregnant and I am not sure which way to go about it. So I'll just say it. The Orlesky's are opening a Children's Home!!! This will be run through the organization we are missionaries through, Boaz Ministries. We are so excited, nervous, and expectant of what the Lord has planned for us and those precious children that will be put into our care. At this moment I am screaming in my head cause I am so full of emotions.

I really want to share more details, but I think I need to stop and add just one more blog post tomorrow with where and when we will be opening it, our plans, and how you can get involved.

Pray for us, pray for those children who will come into our care, pray for the adults who will become apart of our team and pray and seek if God has a plan for you to be involved.



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